Halcyon Group International Careers

Halcyon Group International is seeking ISR Subject Matter Experts for immediate fill.  For further information, please contact hornj@halcyongroupinternational.com or chloe@halcyongroupinternational.com

ISR Subject Matter Experts

Provides demonstrated and specialized expertise on specific business, technical or management subject CONUS and OCONUS.

Serves as a TRADOC subject matter expert/specialist in the research, development and application of Intelligence Community validated threat projections and operational environment data in support of the development of the TRADOC Standard Scenarios for Capabilities Development (CD) utilization. Ensure compliance with Defense Planning Guidance (DPG), while utilizing expertise in current and future threat trends and OE knowledge to provide realistic, valid and challenging threat information that will drive TRADOC/Army capabilities development. Develop the adversary’s strategic aims, war plans, and tactical operations in the preparation of TRADOC Standard Scenarios. Screens and analyzes incoming intelligence data on current and projected Threat forces’ doctrine, tactics, organization, and equipment at all levels of classification and serves as a Senior Analyst and Directorate, and TRADOC subject-matter expert for specifically assigned functional and/or geographic areas. 

Represent the TRADOC G2-Threats as a subject matter expert/specialist in the research, development, refinement and application of mid to far-term future variables for the future operational environment and validated Intelligence Community threat projections and information to support Joint, Army, TRADOC, and Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC) Capabilities Development Studies (CD) and Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) or Capabilities Based Assessments (CBA). Ensure that all threat elements considered provide a valid and realistic basis for the CD scenarios and models to inform the Army of future operational requirements and demands. Produces threat documents, as well as briefings/instruction on assigned areas, to meet the needs of supported activities. Reviews/approves threat content in products of TRADOC-subordinate organizations and provides authoritative subject-matter recommendations for improving such products.

Perform the research, development, and review of Threat and OE information and data for use by the TRADOC ARCIC and the TRADOC Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate (CDID) and Centers of Excellence in the execution of the TRADOC Experimentation Plan. Coordinate with DA G2, National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC), and National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) to ensure capabilities and structure are in consonance with intelligence forecasts and projections. Implement Threat and OE representation in TRADOC capability development activities to include support to ARCIC operational experimentation with the goal of Intelligence Community (IC) approval and accreditation of the OE/Threat representation in CD activities and associated models and simulations. Serve as Red Commander for the planning and execution of scenario war gaming and associated CD simulations and analysis. 

Performs other duties as assigned.

Skills and Qualifications:

– Provide operational advisory support and rapid solution development to CCMD, Joint, NATO and Partner Security Force Commanders and Staff to maximize ISR effectiveness in support of Unified Land Operations.

– Ability to instruct deployed military personnel on the utilization of current ISR systems and Quick Reaction Capabilities such as Saturn Arch, Night Eagle, Highlighter, Constant Hawk, as well as Joint and Theater capabilities such as Rivet Joint, U2 and the MC-12.

– Provide specialized training on staff processes and communications, collection planning and requirements processes, and ISR systems’ capabilities.

– Provide CONUS-based instruction on ISR Tactical Controller (ITC) training, and all relative ISR topics in conventional/unconventional Home Station Training, and support joint training initiatives.

– Provide Unit tailored training that assists units in requesting and employing all capabilities deployed to theater.

– Provide Staff Communication and Integration Processes (ISR synchronization) that integrate ISR into Mission Command functions such as: ISR Support to Targeting, ISR Support to Force Protection, ISR Support to Retrograde Operations, ISR Support to Counter-IED operations, ISR support to Convoy Operations, and ISR Support to Situational Awareness.

– Provide ISR-related communications and collaboration between Conventional and Special Operations Forces including: Sharing of ISR capabilities; sharing of targeting information; de-confliction of collection activities; and cooperative ISR execution.

– Demonstrated knowledge executing Theater Collection Planning and Requirements Processes, including use of request of tools; timing for requests and approvals; ad hoc request processes; integration with unit and higher operations planning processes; and coordination with special operations forces and higher headquarters for collaborative collection operations.

– Effective all-source intelligence integration, including coordination between current operations and collection management; de-confliction and coordination between echelons within the unit; dissemination of collected intelligence between intelligence staffs and between intelligence and operations functions; and internal staff processes for tasking and collecting against the commander’s priority requirements.

– Knowledge of signatures in order to understand and collect data against Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs); threat direct fire engagements; threat indirect fire engagements; insider threats; and complex attacks against U.S. Coalition and Host Nation Security Forces.

– Knowledge of Targeting Operations.

– Assessment and evaluation of the range of systems deployed to operational areas.

– Ability to Confirm or deny sensor, platform and processing, exploitation, and dissemination (PED) effectiveness.

– Identify best practices and provide immediate feedback to affected units and key theater and DOD stakeholders.

– Provide input on which platforms and sensors should be retained in theater and better enable and integrate ISR operations in theater.

Other Requirements:

– Active TS/SCI

– Passport with 6+ Month Validity