• Stability Operations

    • Quick Impact Support
    • Partner Nation Training
    • Interagency Planning
    • Influence Operations Support
    • Leveraging NGO Capabilities
    • Sources of Instability Analysis
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  • Intelligence Support

    • Intelligence Support
    • Counter Threat Financing
    • Digital Forensics
    • Counterintelligence
    • Counterterrorism
    • OSINT
    • Atmospherics
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  • OPErational & Training

    • Defense Institution Building
    • Security Force Assistance
    • Advise/Assist/Accompany
    • Operational Preparation of the Environment
    • Partner Nation Military Training
    • Partner Nation Police and Rule of Law Training
    • Specialized Training for USG
    • Joint Exercise Design
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Halcyon Days

In Greek mythology, Aeolus, God of the Winds, restrained the Winds and calmed the Seas so that his daughter the Halcyon bird could safely lay her eggs and make her nest on the Sea. Just as the Seas would become tranquil for the mythological Halcyon bird, Halcyon Group International calms troubled areas throughout the world using a comprehensive approach designed to bring stability through the application of it's three core competencies.

About Halcyon Group International

Halcyon Group International operates in conflict and transition environments providing expert Counterinsurgency, Stability, and Influence Operations capabilities to the United States Government and partner nations to achieve strategic, operational, and tactical level objectives.

Halcyon International Distinction

The opportunity to leverage the capabilities of:

  • Unique company –three rare core competencies
  • Elite, experienced, unconventional professionals – top in their field
  • Strategic planning to tactical execution capacity
  • Rapid deployment, persistent or brief engagements
  • Accessible/locally based, internationally experienced